Check Out These Goodies!

Permit me to recommend the following tools, resources, and services for business owners and/or marketing professionals:


Dramatic Copywriting by William Reynolds
Marketing Goes to the Movies by William Reynolds
Dramatic Copywriting & Marketing Goes to the Movies (Double Volume) by William Reynolds
The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss
The Well-Fed Copywriter by Peter Bowerman
The Well-Fed Copywriter: Back for Seconds by Peter Bowerman

Networking Tools and Resources

Do you rely on the power of networking to promote your business? I certainly do. gives you access to thousands of articles, reports, and audio programs designed to hone your networking skills and knowledge. Networking has done wonders for my business -- learn its secrets here!

Speaking of networking, I am a proud member of
BNI Referral Masters, a chapter of Business Networking International (BNI) serving the Northwest Austin area. We are a group of skilled professionals in a variety of occupations, all dedicated to helping each other through networking and referrals. Need a realtor? A technology expert? A health care professional? Whatever your business need may be, we've got the solution or we'll find it for you. Better yet, we might have an opening for someone in your profession. Interested in building your business? Come check us out!