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About Me

Everyone has a story to tell. Your business is an exciting story waiting to be told to an enraptured audience -- your customers. And to tell your story in the most effective way, you need a professional storyteller. So here I am.


I’m a little different from the many copywriters who come to this profession from marketing or sales (or technology, in the case of many technical writers). I’m a dramatist. I received my Masters Degree in Playwriting from Rutgers University, where I studied with some of the finest playwrights and screenwriters in the country. From there I was all set to go forth and…write for businesses?


Well, yeah. I learned right away that the tools I’d gained as a dramatic writer repurposed themselves beautifully for copywriting. The same elements that make a compelling play or film can arouse your prospects and customers' emotions and inspire them to take action. Suspense, humor, rising action, tension and release -- the skillful manipulation of these and other basic storytelling tools will help you grab and keep an audience, whether you’re on the stage or in the shop. 


Are you ready to tell your story? Then contact me today, because I'm ready to help!

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