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Blogging can boost your online authority and reputation enormously, but only if you're generating useful, entertaining content on a regular basis. Unfortunately, blog writing can be a fatiguing, time-consuming, even overwhelming activity for busy professionals. That's why I offer convenient ghost-blogging services, including my famous Blogger's 4-Pack, to keep you posting like a champ. (View Blogger's 4-Pack Info)




 Web Content

Your website serves as your virtual storefront or office presence, so you need to make sure it conveys the right message about your products, services and mission in the most compelling manner possible. I offer Small Website Packages and other convenient content writing services to help you get your website up to speed. (View Sample)



Print Content

​DON'T stop the presses, because print is not dead! Organizations continue to rely on brochures, onesheets, direct mail postcards, sales letters, press releases and other forms of print marketing -- all services that need professional content from a skilled copywriter! (View Sample)


​I got my start in this profession writing video scripts, and to this day I'm happy to write TV commercials, radio spots, marketing videos and a variety of other media projects. Let me help you put your business in the spotlight! (View Sample)




Do you need a slick, professionally-crafted bio profile for us on your social media pages, association directories etc? Of course you do. Contact me so I can make you look like a star! (View Sample)


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