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Blogger's 4-Pack

We all know that a blog can make a huge impact on web traffic and brand awareness, while building our credibility in our chosen field -- IF we write the blog posts well, and IF we produce them like clockwork so readers get used to following them. But who has the time to pump out well-written, intelligent, fascinating, useful mini-articles on a regular basis without fail?...


The answer: YOU DO, with the help of the Blogger's 4-Pack!

For one affordable price, you'll receive 4 professionally crafted mini-articles of up to 300 words each on any topic you choose, any point you want to make, any advice you want to give, any product or service you want to promote. And if you need lengthier articles, I have options to accommodate you--just ask!

One brief phone interview or email exchange is all it takes, and then I do the rest. A few minutes of your time chatting instead of hours sweating over a blank computer screen--that's money well spent!

I can even optimize your blog articles with the keywords or phrases of your (or your webmaster's) choice, to help readers find your blog in search results. Best of all, you'll know that you always have blog entries ready to post, on whatever regular schedule you decide to keep. Contact me today to find out just how stress-free blogging can be.

* Want to save money on your 4-pack purchases? Ask me about multi-month pre-orders.
** Marketing providers: You qualify for special discounts! Contact  me and let's talk about it.

Get the Blogger's 4-Pack, and keep 'em coming back!
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